The CReATE Software Suite

PATH and FERCI (Forum for Ethics Review Committees in India) developed the CReATE software suite, consisting of five cloud based solutions to help strengthen clinical research in India. The suite was developed to help researchers and institutional ethics committees enhance the ethical standards of clinical research in India.

Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki

The CReATE software suite consists of the following five solutions:

  • Interpreter

    – an electronic searchable database which contains commonly-used terms in clinical research, translated into vernacular Indian languages, for including in informed consent documents. It helps reduce errors during translations.

  • Simplifier

    – an electronic searchable database which contains an exhaustive glossary with easy to understand definitions of commonly-used terms in clinical research, for inclusion in informed consent documents.

  • CheckEthix

    – a software solution to assess the ethical soundness of study protocols and informed consent documents. It serves as a screening tool to potentially decrease the workload of ethics committees as well as help researchers to self-score protocols for ethical soundness before submission.

  • e-EC

    – an online document management system for efficient and paperless functioning of an ethics committee. It provides a platform for investigators and ethics committee members for study submission, ethical review, communication and online tracking in real time.

  • Regulert

    – a software solution to monitor updates from different regulatory agencies involved in clinical research. This software helps researchers keep abreast of the latest global developments in the area of ethics in clinical research.

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